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Who Me?

he way to know life is to love many things. -Vincent van Gogh

Studio Lilley is me, Tiffiny Lilley. It’s me and my creative endeavors… it’s the inspiring people I meet and the fun things I choose to do and share with you 🙂

Life is what we make it. So I’ve decided, I am having fun! My life purpose, my reason for being, is to share my passion for all things color full, creative and life changing!

Welcome to my World…

Welcome to my world - studio lilley

I love change. I love people. I love paint. I love chickens. I love old wood. I love antiques. I love furniture. I love gardening. I love vegetables. I love flowers. I love Kombucha. I love original ART. I love recycling. I love chickens. I love cats. I love chalk. I love dogs. I love goats. I love rabbits. I love babies. I love hatching. I love organic food. I love kids. I love artists. I love painting. I love sunshine. I love giving. I love finding new things to love. I love sharing what I love.

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Here you will find the things that make me happy. 

I love creating art and recycling stuff. In my studio old shelves become nesting boxes, cabinets brooders, old frames get revamped to hold new artwork, old ripped canvases are rescued with recycled teabags, I paint on scrap wood and I’ve covered coops with purple paint. Adirondack chairs are a favorite substrate and nothing is off limits when it comes to mixed media. ART IS GOOD FOR YOU! How do I know this? The freedom I have created in my artwork has manifest in my life. I paint what I want to experience and, look at that, there it is. You really can paint yourself happy.  Please join me in living life in full color.



Peacock Symbolism

Peacock in my art journal

We lived near the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden when I was little and my favorite thing was looking for and finding the peacocks. Always hoping one would drop a feather.

Peacock Symbolism

When we lived in Texas, the property across the bayou from our home had several peacocks. Once one flew over the water and landed in our yard with an injured foot…. We doctored him up and drove him back home. We learned his name was Peg leg Pete and he had been missing his foot most of his life.

A few years ago I worked with Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights Phoenix Arizona. I most loved the stories shared, especially the part about the peacocks used as sentries on that huge property surrounding the home.

Betsy the Peahen at the Dole Plantation in HI

Traveling to HI, January this year, met a #peahen at the Dole Pineapple Plantation (if you are in tourist mode this is the place to go.) One person told me her name was Hank, another told me her name was Betsy. She didn’t mind either way as long as you had something to eat.

And I have two identical peacock necklaces, so I can always find one. But only last night did I read about the #peacock #symbolism.

“The peacock is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors.”  (Info found at What’s Your Sign one of my go to URLs for looking up Symbols.)

The Peacock also denotes Nobility, Holiness, Guidance, Protection and Watchfulness.

Again, no surprise that I love this beautiful bird. And apparently I have been looking for them and see them. What symbol or images have crossed your path more than once today? Have you ever considered looking up the meaning to see if there is a message for you?

Creatively Yours,


Old Desk with Map Collage

I found this old desk on the side of the road, set out for the trash man. Since it was solid wood with dove tailed drawers, I couldn’t let it end up at the dump.

I repaired a broken drawer and my dad applied some glue and clamps to ensure that it was solid before I applied paint.

map desk

To get started with the makeover:

  • I gave the piece a light sanding, not necessary but something I like to do.
  • Then I added a couple coats of Annie Sloan’s Old Ocher. I love how easy Annie’s paint is to work with.
  • Since this desk was so sad when I found it, I decided to play around with some old maps that I have been collecting from Treasures 4 Teachers. I figured, if I mess it up it won’t be the end of the world.  🙂
  • Once the paint was dry, I tapped off the top edge of the desk and ripped up 2 old maps and collaged into the wee hours.
  • For the final finish I applied a mix of clear wax and little dark wax to give it a bit of an aged look and then a final sanding to smooth out any rough spots and give it that soft finish I love.

Once headed to the landfill this old desk is now ready for a new home and years of more loving use.

This set desk for sale. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like come over to my art studio and see it in person!

map desk2


The Lotus Flower

lotus flower workshop painting class

The Lotus Flower Painting Workshop

The Lotus Flower Painting WorkshopWe all encounter challenging life experiences. Unfortunately, many of us immediately consider the worst possible scenario and then find ourselves spending much of our time thinking about what we don’t want.

Painting is not just about creating a masterpiece. Painting is a practice that can mirror our lives and help us create the change we want to see. When you engage in a regular creative practice, intuition grows, new insights are revealed and we learn to take bolder action in our lives. Simply put, we can paint what we want to experience in our lives.

Why Paint the Lotus Flower?

The lotus flower only grows in the murkiest of mud and yet the blooms are incredibly beautiful and water easily rolls off each petal. We paint the lotus flower when we desire the energy of BLOOMING despite the challenges, or the mud, we may be facing. Like the lotus we can rise through and above the mud to blossom in the sunshine.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will be gently guided through a step by step painting process to create your own unique lotus flower painting. Wear old clothes and bring an apron, if you have one. No experience necessary.

Pre-payment is required for this class.

Reserve your spot today!

Date: Friday, October 16th
Time: 6-8:30pm
Location: Floating Lotus Yoga Studio, Mesa Arizona
202 W Main St. Mesa Arizona
Cost: $45 per person, all supplies included.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring my own bottle of wine?
Yes you can! We will have cork screw and cups ready and waiting.

What should I wear?
Wear what is comfortable and something that you don’t mind getting paint on, just in case. If you have an apron bring that too.

I have no painting experience will I do OK in this workshop?
YES! There is no experience needed. Actually this workshop is ideal for first time painters!


If you have questions that are not addressed here please feel free to reach out. We always love hearing from You 🙂