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Paint Yourself Happy

Paint Yourself Happy Workshop with Tiffiny Lilley

Paint Yourself Happy Workshop

Have you ever considered painting, but the thought stopped there?

Or you said to yourself or out loud:

I’m not creative.
I can’t draw a straight line.
My sister, brother or mother etc is the artist in the family.
I suck at art.

Does the blank canvas create a little anxiety?

Then one of my  Paint Yourself Happy workshops would be perfect for you!

The Paint Yourself Happy workshops for beginning artists. My instruction is informal and fun! And in my studio, there is no wrong way to make art!

This workshop is not about creating a masterpiece. It’s not about the rules or a right or wrong way to create art. In this workshop, you begin to experience the freedom that you can create anything you want on the canvas. And if practiced, you can apply the same approach to life 🙂

In each class I share tips and tricks for working with acrylic paint and mixed media, color mixing and how to change what you don’t like!

Classes are scheduled throughout the year and are created to meet each individual’s level and ability.  This class is great for adults and children. All supplies included. $40.00 each artist.

Ready to paint now? Contact me to set-up a private workshop or paint party for you, your friends or your organization. The Paint Yourself Happy workshop is ideal for birthday parties, team building, and other special events.

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