Carla Townsend

Painting with Tiffiny is like a relaxing vacay from life, even if only for a few hours. I have always thought of myself as someone who is creative but absolutely awful at art of any kind. I was terrified looking at an empty canvas, afraid I would be embarrassed by my results. Instead, Tiffiny talked me through it step by step, in her warm and reassuring manner. I actually started having fun and realized I was feeling quite relaxed. I didn't want our painting session to end. Although my end result may not be worthy of exhibitions, I am happy with it and I actually continue to work on it. Tiffiny helped me realize that it is the journey and enjoyment that painting brings that makes it worth doing. The end result is just a bonus.

Mailani Fernandez

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Tiffiny Lilley. Tiffiny is an amazing artist that has brought all of her passion and talent to Courtyard Towers. She exudes a passion for art and it shines through to all of our residents. The leaps and bounds that our residents have made in their progression through painting is absolutely amazing. Tiffiny’s positivity, compassion and fun approach to painting is what keeps our residents coming back for more.
I truly believe that our residents could not have a better art teacher than Tiffiny Lilley. I am so happy that she is an essential part of the Courtyard family.

Tabitha Dumas

What an amazing event! I had a blast & I think the ladies did too! I love my smashbook and "getting my creativity on." Thanks so much for lending your talent and expertise. Looking forward to more to come!


Once upon a time, about 5 years ago, I met Tiffiny at a fruit/veggie coop. I was attracted to her kindness and love for nature, especially animals. Tiffiny is magnetic - everyone loves her, young and old. My grandkids went to Inspire Farms one day and drew Weirdimals with Tiffiny. They still to this day speak about their experience with her. She is a very kind soul and we need more of her in this world!!


Tiffiny is amazing with memory care people! Everyone is given a plate of paint and they just go for it. Patience is definitely one of Tiffiny's many virtues. And the huge collaborative paintings the memory care residents create together are auctioned off with ALL proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association. Thanks for what you do!


I’ve seen Tiffiny show a genuine love and affection for our senior residents. She shows so much patience as she instructs and demonstrates the techniques of the art. Several of the paintings now hang in our public areas and some will be auctioned at an upcoming charity event to benefit Alzheimer’s research. Such is the quality of the work she brings out in others.

Along with the colors and pictures, Tiffiny brings a sense of purpose and joy leaving those she interacts with possessing a greater sense of confidence and feeling encouraged. She reinforces her relationships with kindness, even leaving each resident with a hug before she leaves for the day

Lowry Petty-Hughes

Tiffiny has the best energy and creativity. She is compassionate and inspiring as a person and an artist. I love that she brings out the love of art for any age. It is a therapeutic experience painting with her, or having her gorgeous artwork in your home. My kiddos love their time with Tiffiny and they create such lovely works of art together. She is truly one of the most empathetic and caring beings. A gift to have in my life.


I hired Tiffiny to create two customized blocks as a Christmas present and loved her final works. I hadn't met her before I hired her but I had seen her amazing work that she did for a mutual friend.

The character blocks I had her create for my son and I are proudly displayed on our living room shelves. She captured our personalities perfectly in a 3x3 square block.


Tiffiny introduced me to painting which was an amazing experience. She has always been there with the best advice on everything for different techniques on switching up my painting skills to helping with painting furniture with chalk paint. An upbeat bright soul with a heart of gold, her knowledge and creativity are endless. You will thank yourself if you have the opportunity to work with her as you will gain so much from the experience.

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