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Who Me?

he way to know life is to love many things. -Vincent van Gogh

Studio Lilley is me, Tiffiny Lilley. It’s me and my creative endeavors… it’s the inspiring people I meet and the fun things I choose to do and share with you 🙂

Life is what we make it. So I’ve decided, I am having fun! My life purpose, my reason for being, is to share my passion for all things color full, creative and life changing!

Welcome to my World…

Welcome to my world - studio lilley

I love change. I love people. I love paint. I love chickens. I love old wood. I love antiques. I love furniture. I love gardening. I love vegetables. I love flowers. I love Kombucha. I love original ART. I love recycling. I love chickens. I love cats. I love chalk. I love dogs. I love goats. I love rabbits. I love babies. I love hatching. I love organic food. I love kids. I love artists. I love painting. I love sunshine. I love giving. I love finding new things to love. I love sharing what I love.

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Here you will find the things that make me happy. 

I love creating art and recycling stuff. In my studio old shelves become nesting boxes, cabinets brooders, old frames get revamped to hold new artwork, old ripped canvases are rescued with recycled teabags, I paint on scrap wood and I’ve covered coops with purple paint. Adirondack chairs are a favorite substrate and nothing is off limits when it comes to mixed media. ART IS GOOD FOR YOU! How do I know this? The freedom I have created in my artwork has manifest in my life. I paint what I want to experience and, look at that, there it is. You really can paint yourself happy.  Please join me in living life in full color.