My Story

My parents have always been travelers. They explored the Caribbean, Hawaii and Big Bear California with me in tow, before settling long enough to call one place home. I called our first home, as a family of three, Laguna Beach, California. And in the 70’s, Laguna was a thriving small town artist’s community.
Laguna Beach is where I was gifted paper bags filled with half used tubes of acrylic paint from artist friends. My first babysitting job was for the local potter and my Dad coordinated the first ever Laguna Beach Oktoberfest.  Laguna Beach, where my summers were spent between the beach and the Sawdust Festival.

Life was good. But as I grew up and became an adult, I got caught up in the world most of us live in. Busy, busy, busy. I did it all and tried to have it all. Going until I hit overwhelm. Only to retreat, recover and do it again. It was all or nothing and it seemed endless and it was un-fulfilling.

Flash forward and thanks to my friend Whitney Freya, I re-discovered my creative spirit, my artist within.

This is how I see things now…. I believe we are all artists. It is simply how we show up on the planet. And as we grow through life many of us lose track of that innate part of who we really are, Creators.
The good news is that you can access the creative side of who you are whenever you want wherever you are, with a little creative play.

For me, getting creative quiets the inner dialogue of what needs to be done and that little voice that says “you’re not good enough”. Now when I engage the creative side of who I am, I can see clearly the positive in me and the world I live in.

Join me in a life filled with art and creativity.


xo Tiffiny